‘warm’ vs ‘cool’: interiors

A creative director friend of mine recenly made the observation that there are 2 kinds of photographers.  Those that shoot ‘warm’ and those that shoot ‘cool’.  While this may be an oversiplification, it is coming from someone who hires photographers, and therefore is a practical example of a way someone uses these categories to keep track in their head of potential matches of photographer and story.  Further, cool, it seems, is always in, whereas the same is not true for warm.  In fact, if you look at the photography being published in magazines like Elle Decor, or British and American Vogue, most of the interiors are in fact, ‘cool’.  Case in point a fantastic guy and a great photographer friend of mine, William Waldron. He does a lot of work for NY magazines.  On the other side, take a look at my previous post on interiors, or this shot I just did of the band ‘A B & the Sea.’ in a local recording studio here in SF:

Not to carry it alone, some of the coolest photography out there is ‘warm’.  I consider David LaChapelle a ‘warm’ photographer, as well as Erwin Olaf.

At the end of the day, its always interesting to hear what art directors, creatives, or art buyers think of 1 my work, and 2 how to organize categories of photographers in their heads.  I would much rather work with someone who thinks in terms of visual aesthetic, than someone who things in terms of strict categories: aka a ‘portrait’ person or a ‘fashion’ person.  Its true that your visual style can transcend genre.  Since I love shooting so many different types of photographs, (I know, this site is mostly fashion, but don’t worry, there’s more coming soon), it warms my heart to hear it.  (ha ha).

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