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*Please note:  I was not paid by any company or person to write this.  It has simply been in my mind.

I was on a commercial shoot recently, with a client that has been producing advertising shoots for over 25 years.  One night at dinner, the client leaned over to me, and told me ‘you should get into video.’  This wasn’t because the client liked my video work, or because we had even been talking about it (we hadn’t).  In fact, it was pretty out of the blue.  But the client went on to say that in 5 years, if a commercial photographer can’t provide the client with video clips as well as stills, that photographer would be out of a client.

Needless to say I took his advice as something worth looking into.  And in fact, shortly after that, another commercial client of mine asked for video clips from the shoot to do web animations.  A month or so later, a model friend of mine came back excitedly talking about a campaign she was in that was shot with the Red One Camera.  Mention of the capabilities of the Canon 5d aside, it seems the Red camera was intended more as a filmmaking device than a commercial advertising tool, it is capable of producing stills large enough to be printed in a double-page spread in a magazine.

The Red camera is not new news, but keeping track of its performance and usage is interesting.  According to Wikipedia, more than 100 films have been shot on Red to date.  Directors such as Steven Soderberg and Peter Jackson rave about it.  And it was used to make the very sexy viral ad for Agent Provocateur, Love me Tender… Or Else! shot by cinematic photojournalist Greg Williams:

With the affordable price of $17,500, i know this camera will be used to make many films.  Its cheaper than many Phase One digital backs.  The company already offers a higher-res version of the camera. How can this not be a revolution?  There are many ways the whole photographic landscape is changing.  This is one that I don’t think we have heard enough about.

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  1. From the other (cheaper) end, I also hear that digital SLRs are beginning to produce amazing video results, as well. Example:

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