You Suck at Photoshop

There is a really cool introductory-level photoshop tutorial that presents the material in a loose, really funny (read:accessable) way.  Its called “you suck at photoshop” and its all over youtube.  here is the first episode, which goes over some basic transform effects:

Even people who know photoshop well can get a kick out of watching, and still might learn something.  Its written by Cincinnati local Donnie Hoyle.  For more about Donnie, go here: Donnie Hoyle « The Night Feed.

For those interested in something a little more advanced, there is a great podcast called Photoshop User TV.  PUTV is the show from the eponymous magazine, and also presents the skills parts in a fun and irreverent way, and includes competitions, news, prizes, and advanced skills in its 1/2 hour episodes.

I sometimes say wouldn’t it be great if real life were like photoshop?  imagine… addition to the house?  done.  New car? done.  Clean your room?  check.  Endless fun…

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