Different sometimes is good

Because I don’t shoot many interiors, I spent a bit of extra time making sure I knew how to execute a shoot for a friend in my extended community, who asked me to shoot the interior for Beretta restaurant on 23rd and Valencia for his company Language in Common.  You can see the results here:

And the client seems to think so too.  Its an honor to hear what he has to say:

“i think it’s a great thing when friends take the risk of mixing
business with pleasure and come out feeling successful. so in the
interest of celebrating a job well done, i want to give props to loren
for dropping some seriously professional science in our last
collaboration. he was easy to deal with on money stuff, super flexible
and accommodating with project management stuff, extremely
ridiculously proactive on legwork and preparation stuff, and when all
was said and done, he made me look good in front of my clients, and
the final product looked super good.”  - a.albin., Language in Common.

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  1. Wow. Awesome!

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