Loren Earle-Cruickshanks, Photographer

Thanks for visiting the site. You came here to know a little bit more about me… stop if you are bored…

I come from a far away place, deep in the rural area that spans much of the northeast US. I grew up with chickens, goats, and ducks… and also with no television, where my nearest next door neighbor lived a mile away. I spent most of my childhood wandering the woods and reading books, which is the closest thing I can think of to an explanation for my very active imagination.  At three I began taking music lessons which lasted through my adolescence, letting me sink deep into a craft, experience the joy of being able to make something beautiful, and receive blessings from the slow burn of dedication and hard work.   My experience as a young musician makes me hungry to create.

After graduating from Wesleyan University I traveled west, pursuing manifest destiny, looking for something other than University life. While living on a ranch in Colorado for a few years, I came to love horses, discovered the power of honest physical labor, and bought my first professional camera.  The long days of intense labor in the Colorado sun peeled away the final remnants of adolescence.  Armed with a will and a vision I came to San Francisco.

On a quest for technical fluency, I always strive to take my self and my work to the next level, and push towards greater expression,  which sometimes produces unexpected results.  But, like the Beastie Boys say: as long as I learn I will make mistakes.  My purpose is to reveal Truth and Beauty; photography in its essence is a ‘loving contemplation of worthy things.’